We, at Billroth Hospitals ensure utmost medical care for our patients. Billroth Hospitals is certified by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) and we utilize and practice the NABH policies, procedures and guidelines to ensure maximum focus on quality of healthcare provided and safety for you.

We are a group of practitioners and specialists from various branches of medicine. Our highly capable and experienced doctors and surgeons examine the cases personally and provide the best treatment solutions. They are well versed with the national and international standards of treatments and work on cases with maximum professionalism and care even during emergencies. Our group of responsible nurses is watchful and alert at all times and helps the patients adhere to required activities that guarantee health improvement and recovery.

We have one of the best infrastructures in Chennai and provide the best healthcare facilities with top class medical advice. Your convenience is never taken for granted. You can take appointments and make payments online. Our 24/7 ambulance services help enable early medical attention to patients. We use sophisticated technology to provide accurate reports that help diagnose the health issues with bare minimum wait time. We conduct all kinds of health checkups, for example, Master Health checkup, Whole body, Basic and Complete Diabetic, Basic and Complete Heart checkup, Well Women checkup etc. If you have to get admitted for treatment purposes, we provide the best in class amenities to make your stay at the hospital comfortable and ensure recovery in a hygienic atmosphere. We also provide nursing services and lab services at your doorstep and free home delivery of medicines. You can call us to get routine checks done or lab samples collected from the comfort of your own home without going through the hassles of travelling to the hospital. All of this along with medical counseling is provided at affordable rates.

We make sure all your appointments are booked and handled proficiently, be it first time or follow ups. You will never miss an appointment because our proactive team confirms each appointment well in advance. We conduct all medical checkups in the most professional manner and take appropriate care to ensure patient’s comfort. Any queries or concerns are promptly answered by our doctors who are knowledgeable, vigilant and considerate towards past treatments, allergies, reactions and carefully prescribe medication accordingly. They also study the current lifestyle and advice suitable changes to ensure complete recovery. Our ambitious doctors have also handled various rare and complicated cases. Their knowledge and awareness of worldwide techniques and treatments is commendable. You will find our staff and practitioners calm and composed and willing to lend a hand towards your recovery. They always strive for the best and are perpetually ready to clear reservations and handle risks no matter how complex they are. Their qualities help put patients at ease and deal with the health issues in an optimistic manner.

Our practitioners follow a modest way of day to day work life that goes very well with a quote made by Dr. Theodor Billroth, “The pleasure of a physician is little, the gratitude of patients is rare and even rarer is material reward, but, these things never deter the student who feels the call within him”

We are always ready to contribute towards your wellness.

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