Spindle view (PolScope)

PolScope is an advanced scientific technique used in the ICSI process which enables the embryologist to study the spindle inside the egg and help him identify which eggs have the better chances of implantation. PolScope uses polarised lightening and novel imagining and is an add-on to the conventional ICSI procedure.

The spindle is responsible for the meiotic development of egg cells and equal alignment and distribution of the chromosomes during cell division. Sometimes spindle may get damaged due to injecting a needle in the ICSI process, which can affect fertilisation and embryo development. Hence PolScope enables locating the exact position of the spindle in an egg while injecting it with sperm and also provides information on eggs without spindle hence this, in turn, produces good quality embryos with better chances of implantation and rule out any defective or lower quality eggs.

The embryos produced through ICSI and Spindle view stand better chances of implantation or can survive the freezing and thawing process. PolScope is especially suggested to the woman in the advanced years of her maternal age because with aging egg quality diminishes or previous failed attempt of IVF, previous poor fertilisation in IVF cycles. It can provide very helpful information in case of frequent miscarriages or unexplained fertility issues.

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