The couples trying to get pregnant may seek medical guidance just to ensure everything they do is right and healthy for themselves and the baby. In case they cannot conceive, they must seek medical guidance immediately from a specialist. So when do you think the right time for treatment is? Is it after you have tried for a few months or a few years? Individual situations may vary, but it is most advised that a couple seeks medical attention when they have tried conceiving for over a year without the use of contraceptives. This may or may not include the age factor. Females above the age of 35 are highly diagnosed with infertility. However, this is not the only cause. Men could also be infertile or create sperms with low quantity and quality.

In case there are known or genetic fertility issues, the couple could begin treatment early. If biological changes are observed especially irregular menstrual cycle, they must seek guidance immediately. In case the couples are not able to conceive after a year of trying, the specialist will recommend some tests or procedures. If the tests diagnose infertility due to various other causes like polycystic ovarian syndrome, low egg or sperm count etc. the doctor will recommend treatments accordingly.

It is very important for the patients to be aware of the changes their body before, during and after the treatment and highly recommended that they take proper medical guidance from a specialist right from the beginning.

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