A number of factors have considerable effect on IVF outcome. Its success or failure may be attributed to some of the below factors and can vary based on individual cases.

Age and Ovulation

Woman’s age plays a crucial role in the process of ovulation, the quality and number of eggs (ovarian reserve) are greatly affected with growing age. Good quality eggs ensure IVF success as they stand a better chance of fertilisation, development and implantation. Woman above 40 years of age produces less number and poor quality eggs, even when put on fertility drugs and so does the IVF success rate decreases.

Previous Pregnancy

If you were able to get pregnant before with the same partner then there are greater chances of success with IVF. If previously you have experienced frequent miscarriages, then it can be a cause of concern as it may be due to embryo quality or uterine lining or many other issues which points towards more medical investigations.

Sperm Quality and other Fertility Issues

If undergoing IVF is because of sperm count and quality then it has a major impact on pregnancy success as in order to conceive, egg needs to be fertilised first and weaker sperms aren’t able to perform their function. To overcome the challenge of male infertility, ICSI is used, but if both the partners facing infertility then it becomes a tricky issue. Other than ovulation, women can have issues like uterine abnormalities, fibroids, etc.; then they can impact the IVF outcomes.

Embryo selection

The most crucial part if eggs are properly fertilised and embryos have reached the desirable state of getting transferred, an important decision needs to be made that puts the expertise of embryologist in action. Selecting the right quality and numbers of embryos, which are able to implant in the uterus and also doesn’t result in multiple pregnancies.

Lifestyle and habits

Sedentary lifestyle accompanied with bad habits of smoking and drinking is the worst combination of male and female fertility. It has been proved scientifically that male smokers have sperm related issues and females who smoke face low fertilised cycles and lower implantation rates. Similarly, weight has an adverse effect on female fertility and overall success of the IVF cycle. Overweight women have on the higher side of miscarriages and infertility issues and same gone for underweight women. So the best is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ideal weight range.

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