We at Billroth Hospitals always try to make your treatment period as convenient as possible. Hence we have an infrastructure that is equipped with sophisticated technology and facilities for an easier recovery. With a staff of highly qualified specialists and technicians, we are able to provide you efficient round the clock services. The equipments used are at par with the international standards. We archive data and images in our database which can accessed from anywhere in the hospital over the computers located throughout the hospital. This allows off-site viewing and reporting.

Our hospital provides Lab Services, Radiology, Cathlab, EEG, EMG, Critical care unit, Operation Theatre, Dialysis, Labor Suite, Blood Bank. The facilities through these services include various refined machines, Real-time and precise measurements and reports, 24 hours critical care, provide recent and anticipated changes, suites designed to be fully equipped for labor, delivery and recovery, 24 hours availability of anesthetics and pediatricians, careful monitoring during labor and delivery, comfortable private rooms, Lactation center, Psychological support, Physiotherapist and 24 hour Lab and Blood Bank.

Some of the equipments are elaborated below for your understanding.

1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

We have a high end machine that provides superior quality images at lightening fast speeds. The machine captures cardiac, breast images and other images that can be used for neuro applications.

2. Dual Source CT scanner

This machine takes cross sectional images that can be re-constructed and displayed in three dimensional images on a computer. This machine can be used for Cardiac, Ortho, Neuro, Abdomen and Thorax applications etc.

3. Digital X-ray

This machine provides clear, high quality images that can be used for studies including intravenous urogram and hysterosalpingogram.

4. Mammography

It is a low dose x-ray system that is used to examine breasts to detect breast cancer at its early stages.

5. Color Doppler

This machine provides colored images through reflected sound waves to see how blood flows through blood vessels. Mainly used to detect and treat blockages in the arteries.

6. 4D USG

USG provides images of tissues and organs with the help of ultrasonic waves. The 4D USG machine provides 4D images. It is mostly used in obstetrics to see live images of the fetus.

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