It’s been an age long concern with the patients undergoing Artificial Reproductive Techniques on the normalcy of children born with the help of these techniques. What we need to understand is that the chances of abnormalities are just as high in the case of normal pregnancies as there could be genetic defects that the patients might not be aware of. The artificial reproductive techniques are carried out only after complete diagnosis and under the observation of knowledgeable and experienced specialists. The embryo is observed and treated at every stage of pregnancy when conceived through the artificial techniques. This means that if abnormalities are found, they will be treated immediately with greater care and attention.

We, at Billroth Hospitals, do not compromise on the norms when it comes to our patients and their treatment. Of course, the patients need to be mentally prepared for the entire process to ensure good results. The babies delivered at our Hospitals through artificial reproductive techniques are healthy and as normal as the naturally conceived and delivered babies. Because we carry out the necessary techniques with the help of internationally recognized equipments, we ensure there is no damage to the eggs, sperms and the embryos. This reduces the rate of abnormalities or defects, low birth rate and delayed development of the babies enormously in the delivered babies and the children grow at normal growth rates just like the children conceived naturally.

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