By now you must have understood why it is important to take care of your health while you are trying to get pregnant. Exercise and routine diet with medical guidance is much required well in advance to ensure enhanced chances of pregnancy. With new trends and introduction of new technologies that help us live our lives conveniently and efficiently, we constantly keep taking a hit on the health factor. This issue can be resolved by using gadgets that track daily activities. These gadgets provide alerts and notifications for you to resume activities like walking, running, stretching etc at equal intervals to complete the required amount of exercise for the day. It sure is a great investment for people who miss exercising because of a busy work life.

No matter what your background and lifestyle is, couples can opt from a number of options available for retaining fertility. Some of them are preserving eggs and sperms, in vitro fertilization (IVF), third party IVF which is also known as gestational surrogacy and sperm or egg donations. With advances in science, a delayed pregnancy is also possible though one of these methods mentioned above. With genetic and environmental impacts on our lives, any disorders and the treatments that lead to infertility can also be treated if correct guidance is provided. For example, cancer patients can freeze their sperm or eggs before beginning cancer treatment as radiation, chemotherapy and surgeries may affect the reproductive functions of the human body. The specialist will diagnose the issues and recommend procedures to curb the issue of infertility and provide options most suited for the patients.

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