A male human body is biologically designed to fertilize a female human body by producing and transporting healthy sperms. However, there are cases wherein inability of fertilizing a healthy female human even after having sexual intercourse over a period of years without the use of protection have been diagnosed and reported. This biological inability in males is termed as male infertility.

A couple of the causes of male infertility are poor quality and less quantity of sperms made in the testes of the male human body. Poor quality of sperm could mean anything from an abnormal sperm to sperms that fail to swim well. There are also instances of poor or no transport of sperms due to obstructions or blockages in the tubes that allow sperms to travel from the testes to the penis. This results in shortage or complete absence of sperms in the ejaculated semen. A low sperm count may be due to increasing age, hormonal imbalances in a male human body or due to an infection or damage to the testicles. A few cases of genetic low sperm count are also reported.

Sexual habits may also be a reason for male infertility. Some human males cannot get an erection and cannot release sperms in a female human body. Nerve damage could be one of the reasons that cause this. Erectile dysfunctions due to diabetes, side effects of strong medication, neurological issues, hormonal inadequacies, pituitary gland issues, psychological reservations, kidney issues etc. are also some of the other reasons that cause infertility in males. Sexually transmitted infections cause inflammation resulting in the quality and/ or quantity of sperm to go downhill. Heavy alcohol consumption affects the production of testosterone by decreasing it and increases the levels of estrogen which in turn affects the sperm production. Smoking tobacco and marijuana interfere in the production of testosterone that also affect the movement of sperms. Genetic defects such as higher rate of Y Chromosome Microdeletion (YCM), Oligospermia which means low sperm count in the semen, sex hormone deficiency etc. Many other activities like vigorous riding or cycling, exposure to toxins or radiation etc. also lead to infertility in male human.

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