Dealing with infertility can be a daunting task. With pressures from families and society in general, it may take a toll on your physical and mental health. Although it is always advised that the couples live a stress free life, it may not always be possible to do so. Many times, there are worries but the root cause of the worries is not known to many of us. So to ease out a little bit of stress, the couples are advised to take an Infertility Stress test. These tests are basically a set of questions relating to infertility and what the patients feel about it and other things in general. The patients need to answer these questions with complete honesty. The infertility stress score is calculated and categorised on the levels of stress that the patient is going through. Such a direct impact on the emotional life of a patient is not good anyway and could further increase or worsen infertility in the patient.

Here are some examples of questions that are frequently asked in these tests.

  1. Questions regarding how you feel about getting pregnant.
  2. About how you feel when you know the chances of pregnancy are weak.
  3. About how you feel if you get to know about friends and family that have kids.
  4. How you feel about your relationship with your partner.
  5. How you feel about your sex lie.
  6. Questions on how often you feel sad and what happens when you do feel sad.
  7. How your relationship with your friends is.
  8. The awareness you have about your body and whether there anything that worries you.
  9. Your anxiety levels.
  10. How you deal with certain situations.

Answering these and many such questions sincerely opens up doors for the patients to have a more transparent and accepting relation with themselves. It provides enough guidance to seek medical and psychological assistance by prompting the patient couple to see a doctor immediately as they may be depressed and the depression hasn’t been diagnosed yet. Patients need to know how to tackle stressful situations and take up stress relieving activities like meditation, reading, taking warm baths, some amount of exercise, yoga etc.

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