Inability to produce your own progeny without medical intervention is very upsetting condition for a couple. It’s the most difficult thing to accept as an individual that something is lacking in your body and it’s not supporting one of the most natural biological process.

Personal desire to have a baby of your own, family’s demand to conceive and societal pressure to get pregnant causes enough strain and stress on you. You start feeling secluded and abandoned in a society which puts so much importance on couples with children. You try to run away from people because the only question they ask would be ‘GOOD NEWS’. In face of all this you are seeking medical assistance to conceive but you can’t admit it openly as our society instead of supporting you in the process, will try to prove you as someone who is less feminine or less masculine and hence your self-confidence and self-esteem takes a deep downward dive. The pressure starts growing as you advance in your infertility treatment, you start questioning yourself, doubting on your ability to ever give a birth, shame, fear, guilt, bitterness are some of the emotions which go unacknowledged while you struggle to get pregnant, your relationship with your partners gets affected too as well as your own health, depression is one such condition. Other than this you start doubting the treatment itself, you would be quite apprehensive on the process of treatment, your treatment options, how much time would it take to get pregnant, what would be the chances of success, how much would it cost you financially and the list is endless.

Here the infertility counselling comes into play, as it provides you with answers to those long unspoken questions and supports you throughout the treatment and even after that. Couples have partners to vent out their worries but what about with single people. Counselling can support you not only emotionally but also opens the medium to communicate with counsellor as well as with your partners. Regular sessions can help you in relieving the anxiety and stress related to treatment and supports you to sail smoothly though the roller coaster of infertility treatment.

The counselling session helps you to make a better choice for your treatment and provides the necessary information to infertility experts so that they can plan the best possible treatment for you

Billroth hospitals provide professional counselling service so if you have decided to go for the infertility treatment or still considering your options, book your Counselling session with our Experts at Billroth Hospitals, call them at +91-44-42921777, +91-7299404040 or visit their website

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