In Vitro Fertilisation commonly referred as IVF is the most popular type of assisted reproductive technology (ART), wherein an egg and sperm are manually combined outside body, in a laboratory dish and then the developing embryo is transferred to the uterus.

Owing to the below conditions your oby/gynaec may refer you for IVF treatment:

Low sperm counts in male

Fallopian tube blockage in female

Problem with uterus and Endometriosis

Unexplained infertility

The process of IVF follows below steps

Fertility Medication

The first step in IVF involves injecting the female partner with hormonal injections so that she can produce multiple eggs and then ultrasounds and blood tests would be carried out to find out the right time for egg retrieval.

ivf treatment

Egg Retrieval

Before the day of egg retrieval, you will be given the instructions which you need to follow the night before the process. On the day of the process, you will be given local or general anesthesia accompanied with pain medication. The doctor with the help of ultrasound will locate the follicles and collect the eggs through a hollow needle.

Sperm Retrieval

While you are undergoing egg retrieval process, you male partner would be asked to product semen specimen. Which then would be washed and the best sperm would be selected for further process.

Fertilisation and embryo transfer

Now the eggs would be mixed with the semen sample for fertilisation. After 3-5, once the embryologist is assured with the growth of the embryo, you will be required in the hospital so that the doctor can transfer one or more embryo to your womb with the help of a catheter. Embryo transfer is easier than egg retrieval and involves only a mild discomfort.

Usually, 2-3 embryos will be transplanted in order to increase the success rate but it also increases the risk of multiple pregnancy.

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