Gamete intrafallopian Transfer

Spindle view (PolScope)

Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer or commonly known as GIFT is one of the techniques in Assisted Reproductive Technology where in eggs and sperms are placed directly into the fallopian tubes for further fertilisation and implantation in the womb. Unlike IVF wherein fertilisation takes place in laboratory and later an embryo gets transferred to the womb in GIFT fertilisation takes place inside woman’s body.

It can be an option for the couples who can’t go for IVF on account of religious grounds or they are choosing GIFT over IVF. The mandatory condition to perform GIFT is that the woman has atleast one fallopian tube open.

The technique can be used if the woman has ovulation issues, endometriosis, unexplained infertility or cervical problems and for man who have low level of sperm count. But if the sperm count is too low then ICSI is the only technique left to be used.

The process of GIFT is similar to IVF for the first two steps of Ovary simulation and Egg collection. Similar to IVF eggs the woman first put on ovary simulation injections and once follicles develop and reach the stage of maturisation, doctor collects the eggs with the help of ultrasound probe and needle. For the process of egg collection, woman would put either on local or general anaesthesia. While eggs would be retrieved from woman, the male partner produces sperms sample which is further washed and kept ready to mix with eggs

Now the next step of Fertilisation differ from IVF, as it requires a minor surgery. As soon as eggs are retrieved an embryologist will combine them with sperm specimen and performs a minor surgery in which a small incision is made in the abdomen and with the help of catheter and microscope the mixture of eggs and sperms is placed inside fallopian tube. The number of eggs transferred depends on the age of the candidate usually 3-4 eggs are placed and rest would be kept for further cycles if pregnancy doesn’t happen.

If sperm is able to fertilise the egg and if fertilised egg is able to attach itself to uterus lining then pregnancy takes place which can be confirmed after two weeks of the process. GIFT increases the chances of multiple pregnancy as sometimes more than 1 egg can be fertilised by sperms.

It’s a half day process and requires a little rest after the surgery.

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