Most of the couples who undergo IVF cycle are left with an unused embryo(s) which they might like to use at a later date, might be because of failed attempt at IVF or to build a family at a later date. The transfer of such an embryo to the womb, which is frozen and stored is called Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET).

To begin with the frozen embryo transfer, the woman will be checked thoroughly to rule out any cysts or other structural problems associated with the uterus. The intended parent will be tested for uterine lining through ultrasound and the best time to transfer the embryo(s) to womb is decided. Once the doctor is convinced that the endometrial lining (uterus lining) is at its peak and receptive to the thawed embryo, the embryo will be thawed and is transferred to the womb. Embryo transfer is an outpatient process and doesn’t require any sedation and no side effects as such. After 14-15 days of the embryo transfer, the blood test is carried out to confirm the pregnancy.

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