Studies in the field of fertility have opened up a number of doors for the ones who want to have children but are unable to due to various reasons. Right from initial diagnosis to laboratory tests to procedures carried out by specialists, there are answers to almost every question now. Sensitivity and transparency towards the patients have strengthened the patient’s confidence in science and in the doctors who treat them. The patients not only feel involved in the process, they also feel safe as they have more precise understanding than before and can observe and track certain changes all themselves. One such miracle thing is the Fertility Calculator.

A fertility calculator for women is mainly the ovulation calculator. An ovulation calculator helps calculate the exact ovulation days in a woman for her to know when she is most fertile. All you have to do is enter the first day and the average length of the last menstrual cycle and the automated calculator calculates the time window when you are most fertile to increase the possibilities of a successful pregnancy.

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