Often after first IVF or ICSI cycle couples left with unused embryos, which they might want to use in the next IVF or ICSI cycle if the current cycle. The process of preserving the embryo for its use on some later date is called Embryo Freezing and Thawing.

The process of freezing requires embryos who have survived the blastocyst stage (day 5 after fertilisation) which are then put in a solution and then quickly freezing in liquid nitrogen the process is called vitrification. However, pregnancy, chances are affected by the length of time an embryo is frozen and thawed but the possibility is there that not all the embryos survive the freezing and later thawing process.

Embryo freezing and thawing gives a chance to use the embryos for the future IVF or ICSI cycles, sometimes due to hyper ovary simulation as a result of fertility drugs, IVF cycle needs to be cancelled and in such cases, frozen embryos can be used for the next IVF cycles, if you are on certain medication which might affect fertility embryo freezing is the best step to preserve the fertility so that whenever you are ready to start your family they can be thawed and transferred to the womb.

Moreover, if a couple decides to go for embryo freezing and thawing they needs to fill a consent form wherein information would be required for how long would you like to store the embryos, what happens to the stored embryo if you fall pregnant, whether embryos would be used for your own treatment or you would like to donate for someone in need or for research purpose or any other condition you may want to state.

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