Pregnancy through donated egg, sperm and embryo can be suggested by your doctor in the following cases:

  • You are not producing eggs or sperms
  • Egg or sperm quality is an issue, which will not result in pregnancy
  • There is a risk of passing a genetically inherited disease to child
  • You want to become a single parent.

Conception through donor egg, sperm and embryo is a big decision both emotionally and physically and you should take your time to think about it. Share your feelings and discuss the issue with your partner at length as well as with friends, family and if required visit a counsellor as well. When you give your consent to go ahead with donated eggs, sperm and embryo as the suitable treatment available, we will discuss at length the ins and outs of the process, ethical and legal aspects and approx time for the treatment.

In case of egg donation, it can be donated by a known donor of yours or from some unknown person. Both the intended parent and known donor will be put on medication so that the menstrual cycles can be synchronised. You will be given drugs to thicken the uterine lining and donor will be on follicles stimulating medicines and injection. The eggs retrieved from the donor are mixed with your partner’s sperm for fertilisation

For sperm donation, usually the donor is put through various tests to check any abnormalities or genetic disorder if any, check of family history as well as the age should be between 25-45yrs.

If both the partners don’t produce eggs and sperm of their own, then embryo donation is considered. Usually when couple undergoes IVF treatment, they leave with 1-2 unused embryos, which are frozen and stored for their future cycles. But if they get success in their first attempt itself, then in such cases, some couples readily agree to donate the remaining embryos to someone in need.

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