Assisted Hatching

Assisted Hatching (AH)

Assisted Hatching is one more technique used in the IVF process itself. Once an embryo gets transferred into woman’s womb it needs to able to implant itself in the womb lining. That requires an embryo to break out or hatch from its outer layer. This process of hatching of an embryo can be made easier by either making a hole or thinning the outer layer.

Usually, on the day three or four of embryo development, embryologist either make a cut or a hole or thin the outer layer of the embryo using a micro laser, micro tool, acid or any other mechanical methods. If acid is used for the process then embryo would be washed before returning them back to incubators. This way the outer layer is weakened so that embryo need not put much effort in breaking the outer layer and hence can easily attach itself to uterus lining. The process is safe for the embryo as only the outer layer or cover is touched, embryo remains untouched throughout the process.

The technique is usually employed if you already had a failed IVF cycle specifically when the embryo development was good in the lab but after transferring it to womb it doesn’t result in pregnancy, your age is 37 years or above and poor embryo quality.

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